Thursday, March 17, 2016

FHWA workbook on creating bike facilities during repaving projects

Over the past several years VDOT and Fairfax County have created several miles of bike facilities during our summer repaving season. Federal Highway Administration recently released the report Incorporating On-Road Bicycle Networks into Resurfacing Projects. Two examples from Fairfax County are included in the report, Soapstone Drive and Lawyers Road.

From the report:
Installing bicycle facilities during roadway resurfacing projects is an efficient and cost-effective way for communities to create connected networks of bicycle facilities. This workbook provides recommendations for how roadway agencies can integrate bicycle facilities into their resurfacing program. The workbook also provides methods for fitting bicycle facilities onto existing roadways, cost considerations, and case studies. The workbook does not present detailed design guidance, but highlights existing guidance, justifications, and best practices for providing bikeways during resurfacing projects.

Soapstone Dr before road diet
Soapstone Dr after road diet

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The Fairfax and Virginia DOT bicycle planners gave a good presentation last evening about the proposed bicycle improvements in the Mason District of Fairfax County. The District Supervisor offered encouraging words about how the proposed bicycle improvements will help the community. It was good to see 30 people at the meeting asking informed questions and the staff well prepared to answer them. Many people were happy to hear that the road diets generally result in slower traffic speeds.

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