Thursday, August 17, 2017

Route 1 Bicycle Route Upgraded

FABB member Kelley Westenhoff reports that on 1 August there was a ribbon cutting ceremony near Ft. Belvoir celebrating the completion of the Route 1 Expansion, a 3.6-mile-long road improvement project between Jeff Todd Way and Telegraph Road.  As part of the expansion, the Rt. 1 Bicycle Route was upgraded significantly.

Kelley and FABB member Rick Landers joined Fairfax County Bike Coordinator Adam Lind and other local cyclists for a short but hilly bike ride to explore and enjoy some of the infrastructure before the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

The new facilities include a bike lane for both directions on Rt. 1 as well as a 10-foot multiuse path that runs parallel to Rt. 1 on the west side. The multiuse path runs all the way to Lorton Road where it connects to bike facilities there.

This is an exciting development because this new infrastructure makes it possible to ride from the  Ft. Belvoir area to northern Fairfax County using bike facilities the entire way. By turning east on Rt. 235 cyclists can bike to Mount Vernon and then connect with the Mount Vernon Trail. From there it is simple to connect to the Martha Custis Trail at Rosslyn and then with the W&OD near Falls Church to travel on to the Reston-Herndon-Sterling areas. 

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It's hard to see the bike lanes in the photo. Do you have photos of what they look like? Also, how wide are the car lanes 12 feet or 11 feet?

I see the reserved median for future bus rapid transit. All told it makes for a very wide right of way and I wish it could have been narrower -- two lanes each way for cars, one each way for BRT, protected bike lane, walking paths. But alas...
Sorry, Stewart, but this is the photo our member provided. I checked the FCDOT, VDOT, and USDOT websites on the project and could not find the width of the car lanes.

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