Monday, February 1, 2016

I-66 Message Sent to I-66 Parallel Trail Supporters

Kudos to all the supporters who spoke up to make biking and walking an integral part of the I-66 Outside the Beltway improvements. You certainly made an impact. In its revised Tier II Environmental Assessment, the Virginia Department of Transportation stated that,
“Based on substantial public interest a corridor-wide bikeway and pedestrian plan was developed.”
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Your help is needed to continue offering a strong voice and guidance in support of the I-66 bicycle plan. Please let VDOT know you support the bike plan and provide your feedback on trail placement, access points and other concerns you may have.

Comments can be submitted until February 4th (Deadline was extended to Feb. 9). Please direct them to Ms. Susan Shaw, PE, by email to, via the online comment form on the project's website, or join the discussion. Reference "I-66 Tier 2 Revised EA" in the subject line.

The revised Tier II Environmental Assessment was recently released for public review and comment with updated language integrating the bicycle and pedestrian improvements approved as part of the I-66 Prefferred Alternative.

According to the revised EA, the I-66 project will include a major regional trail along the I-66 corridor outside the beltway (click on image to see map) as well as new bicycle and pedestrian facilities on all rebuilt bridges. The report states that including these improvements will increase access to public transportation, travel choices, connectivity and safety throughout the I-66 corridor.

Specific design requirements for the bicycle infrastructure was also recently released as part of the I-66 Request for Proposals, which included the draft Technical Requirements.

Here are some key things you should know from these documents:
  • The regional trail will be a combination of a parallel trail constructed within the I-66 right-of-way as part of the project, and improvements to adjacent roads and trails that will be built separately in coordination with local jurisdictions.
  • Bike and pedestrian improvements at I-66 crossings are included where bridges are being reconstructed.
  • All new facilities crossing I-66 or associated ramps shall be grade-separated unless otherwise approved by VDOT.
  • Where proposed noise barriers are to be located near homes, the parallel trail will be on the I-66 side of the noise barrier.
  • There are 13 access points proposed for the parallel trail, along with the suggestion that access generally be at half-mile increments.
  • Park-and-ride facilities will include bike and pedestrian connections to nearby facilities, and covered bike racks for a minimum of 75 bicycles.
  • Mile marker and wayfinding signs shall be incorporated in the design.
  • Existing trails impacted by the project shall be replaced.
For more information on efforts to include bike facilities in the I-66 project, visit FABB's I-66 page.

Thank you for your support,

Sonya Breehey
FABB Board Member

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I was so focused on lobbying to get the trail built that I didn't think as much about some of the finer-grained details. I am glad to see things progressing.

Was there any thought about constructing a bike room (similar to what we now have at Wiehle) at the Vienna Metro? Or failing that, will there be an increase in bike parking out there?

Please make sure to tell them you want the trail to extend to Haymarket.
We will include a comment about extending the trail to Haymarket. The deadline for comments was extended to Feb. 9.

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