Friday, October 18, 2013

Sun Gazette article on Fairfax Bike Summit

2012 Fairfax Bike Summit
Photos by Sue Carter
Bike Summit Leaders to Press for Viable, Safe Cycling Options is the title of a good article by Brian Trompeter of the Sun Gazette on the Fairfax Bike Summit to be held on Nov. 2.
“We’re highlighting the fact that the Tysons transportation network is really going to experience a profound, dramatic change,” said Fionnuala Quinn, a volunteer board member with FABB. “It will open up all sorts of new travel options for people. Right now, many people have no choice but to drive.”

While Tysons Corner’s many motorists and few pedestrians are familiar with the area’s substantial hills, Tysons also has tree-lined routes that are ideal for cyclists, she said.
A new grid of streets in Tysons will allow cyclists to skirt the area’s two major thoroughfares, Routes 7 and 123, said Bruce Wright, chairman of Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling.

“Route 7 is probably the biggest challenge in Tysons, and so far we’ve lost that battle, I think, in making it a bicycle-friendly place,” he said.
The Board of Supervisors is encouraging development around all transit locations and Tysons Corner will serve as an ideal proving ground for initiatives that promote bicycling, Wright said.

“The things that we get right in Tysons will apply to those areas of growth in the future in Fairfax,” he said.

Fairfax DOT Chief
Tom Biesiadny at
2012 Fairfax Bike Summit
Bike use is relatively low in Fairfax County, but anecdotal evidence suggests it’s increasing, Quinn said. She disputed some people’s perceptions that bicyclists do not obey traffic laws, and said FABB leaders encourage cyclists to follow safety rules.
“People on bicycles are vulnerable and don’t usually take their lives into their hands,” she said.

Wright concurred, adding that motorists might become more accommodating toward cyclists if they shared the roads with more of them.

“I’ve found through my travels that when bicyclists are given good, safe facilities and respect, they generally behave better,” he said.
We've got a great list of speakers lined up for this year's summit. Most local bike shops will be on hand to display transportation bikes and gear, along with several area bike organizations. Lunch is included in the registration fee. Why not register for the summit today?

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