Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vienna bike route sign meeting May 28 - Updated May 23

Sign posted at W&OD Trail and Maple Ave
The Vienna Transportation Safety Commission is holding a meeting on "Bike Route Signage: Current and Proposed." The meeting is Tuesday, May 28 starting at 8pm at the Vienna Town Hall, 127 Center St S. According to a sign posted at the W&OD Trail and Maple Ave, "All Interested Individuals Are Invited To Attend."

A while back the Town Bicycle Advisory Committee developed a number of bike routes throughout the town and some signs went up on those routes. In our opinion there are not enough signs to lead a cyclist along the routes. There are a few signs but not the density that's needed to allow you to just follow the signs.

We've asked if any additional information about the meeting is available, including any proposals that will be discussed. It would be helpful to have that information before the meeting.

Update: We asked if there is more information about the bike route signage meeting and this was the response: "We're just asking the public if the current signage is working. If not, we'd like to find out what improvements are needed." Seems like there should be a bit more structure to the meeting but it sounds like it will be an open forum. If you'd like more info about bicycle signs and how they are used, see the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) chapter on bicycle wayfinding signage.

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I would like to see the rules of the road posted on the trails — as is done is all the other states where I travel and ride on bike paths. The W&OD especially is a reminder of the lawlessness of the Old West where everybody makes up their own rules because none are posted.

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