Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An honest discussion about "the fattest people in the world"

That's the title of an article at about having a conversation about our obesity problem in the U.S. As we've built a transportation system that forces people to rely on cars and reduces opportunities for walking and biking, we as a nation have gotten fatter. There are likely many causes of the problem but reduction in walking and biking, especially among children, certainly plays a major role.
Yes, let’s have an honest discussion about being the “fattest people in the world.” Every day, “decision makers” make transportation infrastructure and planning decisions that favor cars over people, decisions that make walking and biking—walking or biking to real public transit options, to work, to school, to the store—come to seem more and more…radical. It is indeed time we took responsibility for these and for the full range of consequences they entail. Let’s take some personal responsibility and make sure we as a society make the decisions that instead favor people over cars, favor transportation infrastructure built around the human scale.
From the WashCycle.

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