Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bicycle: The Metro parking solution

That's the title Post editors gave to my letter to the editor about bike parking at Metro stations. It's a much better title than the online version, Metro present and future:
In her March 28 Metro article, "A cloud over Metro's Silver Line," Kafia A. Hosh wrote the following: "When the four stations open in 2013, none will have parking . . . ."

That is correct only with respect to cars; all will have parking — bike parking. There will be space for several hundred bicycles, and more bike parking can easily be added, at a very small fraction of the cost of car parking, as was noted in the March 21 Metro article "Metro to lure bike-to-rail commuters."

Many residents around the region who live near Metro stations find that bicycling to the stations is quicker, less expensive and more convenient than driving to the station and parking. These short car trips also generate the most air pollution, since vehicles burn fuel less efficiently before properly warming up.

Hosh also asserted that Fairfax County "has outlined a bicycle path network . . ."

This is only partially correct. The county has developed a comprehensive bicycle master plan for Tysons Corner that includes recommendations for on- and off-road bicycle routes, bike parking and other end-of-trip facilities, and encouragement and education programs.

Many of these recommendations can be implemented before Metro arrives; we hope that the county hears the concerns of citizens and provides adequate funding and oversight to ensure cyclists can easily and safely access the new stations and other locations in Tysons Corner.

Bruce Wright, Reston
The writer is chairman of Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling.

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