Monday, March 28, 2011

Fairfax Co bicycle crash stats

Earlier we linked to a county website that contains bike crash information for 2010. We just noticed that the page is being updated with monthly crash stats for 2011. There have been two reported crashes this year. In January a cyclist was struck at Brevard Ct/Richmond Hwy and in February a cyclist was struck at Blake Lane/Lee Hwy.

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Great to have updated stats, but even more telling data can be found in hospital emergency room reports - especially about injuries. Just not sure whether in the U.S. that information can be released to the public.

I know that hospital stats are used by some communities to get a more accurate total of bike crashes. Having worked in a bike shop I've talked to many cyclists whose bikes were damaged in crashes. I always ask if they reported the crash and I would guess that about 25% are reported and of those, 50% or less are actually recorded by the police. I think their criteria for reporting is if injuries are bad enough to warrant a visit to the hospital (or there's a death) or damage is greater than $1,000.

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