Monday, January 24, 2011

Fairfax Co bicycle crashes

Fairfax police recently tallied the number of bike crashes in the county in 2010. There was a total of 86 reported crashes, and three deaths. We counted four deaths so we've contacted police about the total number being cited.

There are many more crashes than those that are reported. A reported crash usually involves injury or major property damage. We often hear of cyclists who are hit by motorists and don't report the crash for various reasons.

There is very little detail in the press release. We've received the data and will publish more details soon, including a map of crash locations that is being developed.

Update: Now that we've read the press release again we see that the map of crash locations is linked in the last sentence. We've asked that if there is more than on crash at a location, that the symbol be changed. Not sure that is the case with this map as we haven't counted all the dots to see if they total 86. On an earlier map there were fewer dots than crashes indicating that some locations had more than one crash.

Update Jan 26: Fairfax Police have corrected their website to indicate that there were four cyclists killed last year in crashes.

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I count 64 dots, though a few were VERY close together.
Thanks Froggie. Looks like several locations had multiple crashes and should carry much more weight than others. I have the intersection data and will try to find someone who can plot it using variable size symbols based on the number of occurrences at each point.

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