Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chairman Bulova's State of the County speech

We were pleased to see that Chairman Bulova mentioned the need for developing a multi-modal transportation system in her State of the County Speech today: "Transportation is not just about roads."
As I discussed earlier, improving mobility in Fairfax County that incorporates multi-modal options for our workers and residents will be a top priority for 2011.

Transportation is not just about roads. We must also plan for and invest in pedestrian and bike routes, light rail, Metro, the VRE and transit. And most importantly, these various modes need to be developed in a way that they connect and create an efficient system for those of us who live, work and play in Fairfax County.

During the months ahead, I will work with my colleagues, our staff and with the Commonwealth and our Federal partners to flesh out our multi-modal transportation plans.
She also mentioned the recently approved plan for Tysons:
History is being made as what has been a sprawling (albeit highly successful) retail and commercial center, amid a sea of impervious parking lots, is being transformed into a compact, walkable, transit-oriented, mixed use urban community – a new development pattern for Fairfax County, offering a new lifestyle choice for our residents.
and the desire to establish a better working relationship with the school board:
Fostering a stronger relationship with the School Board, in particular exploring how we might align our respective goals
That should include the multi-modal transportation goal and one way to show support is to establish a Safe Routes to School program.

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