Thursday, September 16, 2010

Phase II Silver Line stations

Below are comments we submitted today regarding the design of the Phase II Silver Line stations, extending from Reston Parkway to the end of the line at the Route 772 station.
Given the limited amount of parking for motorized vehicles at many of the Phase II stations, it's important that other options be made available to Metro customers for getting to the stations rather than driving or being driven. For people who live within a 1-3 mile radius of the stations
bicycling is a low-cost, efficient way to get there.

Covered, secure, conveniently located bicycle parking is needed at these stations. Bicycle parking at the existing Orange Line stations is already beyond capacity as evidenced by bicycles being parked along fences, posts or any fixed objects. It's unsightly and an inconvenience for bicyclists not to have adequate parking. The cost is minor compared to auto parking and the benefits are greater. Bicycle access to the bicycle parking locations is important and should be considered in all station designs. The parking should be located near the station entrance, not at a remote location.
Comments can be submitted until October 1.

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