Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Take the Car Free Pledge - Car Free Day Sept. 22

For some people Car Free Day is every day. Most cyclists can go car free on many days but especially in Fairfax County, it's not easy to get by without a car. The official Car Free Day in Metro DC is Thursday, September 22. Why not pledge to go car free on that day? Besides the satisfaction of going car free, there are also prizes.

So far the majority of people who have taken the pledge are bicyclists. Scroll down to the bottom of the Car Free Day page to see the breakout of car free options. Those bicyclists may also be taking transit and walking but they identify as bicyclists.

FABB is working to improve biking so that everyone has the option to travel safely by bike. The number one reason people don't bike is because they don't think it's safe. We are your local advocacy group working with VDOT, county staff, county Supervisors, and others to support bike lanes, cycle tracks, bike education in the schools, bike parking, etc.



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