Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tysons bike lanes starting to appear

Bike lanes on several roads in Tysons have been stripped as part of the summer repaving process. In most cases bike symbols are not yet installed but the lanes have been striped. Thanks to everyone who attended meetings earlier this year on the proposed repaving projects.

Several roads have gone from 4 travel lanes to two travel lanes, bike lanes, and a center turn lane. In some cases a single bike lane was installed on the uphill direction of the road (known as a climbing lane).

Tysons Partnership recently wrote about the repaving projects: New Bike Lanes Popping Up Around North Tysons:
This summer VDOT had plans to repave many of the roadways in Tysons. They took that opportunity to implement some changes to striping and lane delineation in the most residential portions of Tysons, including the North Tysons neighborhood where large empty roadways make for dangerous intersections and bike paths.

The summer is nearly complete and we are getting a better picture of the safe paths in Tysons. While I don’t think VDOT went nearly far enough, sentiment in the area remains suburban and auto-focused (and people wonder why the Silver Line ridership is low from the nearby communities), and therefore this interim step is about as good as one can expect for the short term.

This is a good day for anyone who uses non-vehicular means to get to work or run errands, but the struggle against bad design isn’t over. Bike lanes are an easy come easy go infrastructure, it takes vocal support and physical support to show planners and politicians their value. The added benefit is that by showing support for these interim steps we improve the chances to get true infrastructure including protected bike lanes (arguably more important in the suburban regions than established urban bike areas) and further road diets in the non-congested corridors of Tysons.

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