Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Date set for Bicycle Master Plan public hearings

At the January FABB meeting County Bike Coordinator Charlie Strunk gave an overview of recent bike-related activities in the County. As you can see from the list of projects, Charlie has his hands full. The big news is that dates have been set for the Bicycle Master Plan public hearings before the Planning Commission (May 8) and Board of Supervisors (June 17). 

We're hoping the county can get more information about the plan on the web. Currently only info about Phase I, the Tysons Bike Plan, is on the Bicycle Master Plan page even though Phase II, the Countywide Plan, was completed in July 2012.

Highlights from the discussion:
Bicycle Master Plan – County is holding weekly status meetings with DPZ and consultants.    BMP will go in front of Planning Commission on May 8 and Board of Supervisors June 17.   Because it’s a plan amendment the process is arduous.   There is not yet a draft available for FABB review.  The consultant is finalizing the plan language, maps and a glossy, bound document that contains the full plan document.  The Comprehensive plan will reference this bound document. The plan will be a guide, not an ordinance. Charlie’s goal is to take the glossy doc to the board (approximately April) as an information item and have a final Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting afterwards.
Wiehle/Reston East Bike Room – As of today 90 members have requested application packages. Access fobs have been delivered.You will need a sticker on your bike. The packages should go out last week in Jan first week in Feb. There is discussion of having an open house on the long weekend of Feb 15th (Presidents Day and Valentines Day), but it is not final. There will be a booklet as part of the marketing material.
Project Bike the Sites – A consultant is on board. The map might be done by BTWD. (This is info from the County Bike Pages: "The County was awarded Federal Enhancement Funds to create a family-friendly non-motorized route to Historic sites and buildings located in the Western region of Fairfax County, mostly comprised within the Sully District. The project consists of a bicycle map pinpointing historical locations over an approximate 15 mile bike loop, including wayfinding signage. The County is currently looking to hire a consultant that can provide cartographic and design services to create and print a map. FCDOT is looking to complete the projects in summer 2013."
FFX Co Parkway Signage – (Rt 50 to Rt 29) A signage plan was put together by Charlie for VDOT.  The signs are going up in about two weeks. The signs are similar to McLean.  
WOD & Gallows Rd – The traffic signal at that intersection is scheduled to be replaced in Fall 2014/Spring 2015. This may be the FIRST bicycle signal in Fairfax County.  It will be a red/yellow/green light alongside a Ped Signal. Bicyclists will have a longer green bike signal, allowing them to enter the crosswalk even when the ped light is flashing "Don't Walk". There may be active or passive cyclists detection. There's also discussion of reducing the wait time for cyclists and pedestrians.
Bicycle Parking Guidelines are COMPLETE.  Will be sent to the Board as an informational item in March.
BTWD is May 16th.  13 Pit Stops.  They may move Reston from RTC to the Silver Line station.  Dennis will check on the possible McLean stop
Demonstration Project in FFX Co Gov’t Center Area.  There is lots of reserve road capacity near the Government Center.   Gov Center Pwky has a median, so it may have buffered bike lanes.   Ridgetop may also be included due to overcapacity, including re-introduction of on-street parking.  Legato Rd is in the proposal.  These are all together as a demo project.

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