Sunday, October 13, 2013

Transformation of New York streets

Jonathan Krall of the Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee sent out this note about an excellent TED talk by Janette Sadik-Kahn, New York  City transportation commissioner, on how New York is reclaiming many of it's streets and turning them into spaces for people in the form of parks, bike lanes, and other innovative uses:
A friend (thanks!) drew my attention to this very recent TED talk by Janette Sadik-Khan, Transportation chief for NY City. She does a great job of showing how streets are a public resource that can be re-imagined and re-used at little expense without increases in automotive congestion and with improvements in measured safety. Some of these ideas, such as a pedestrian plaza where sidewalks are most crowded, are being proposed for my own city of Alexandria, but it is hard to imagine our transportation guy delivering such a transformational message.

She also points out that, at a time when a newly installed bike lane was reported to be the most hotly contested real estate outside of the Gaza Strip (that's how the media characterized it), 64 percent of the public was in still in favor. The talk is 15 minutes in length.

I'm sure you can imagine using some of these techniques on some of our big roads in Fairfax.

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