Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bike parking at Tysons Metrorail stations

We received these photos and info from Chris French, a FABB member who works in Tysons, about bike parking at the new Silver Line Metrorail stations along  Route 7: 
South side of Greensboro station
I noticed bike racks at the new 'Greensboro' Silver Line station (used to be called 'Tysons Central 7') for the first time today so I took a few pictures. Also took a detour to check out what had been done at the 'Spring Hill' Station (used to be called 'Tysons West').

In summary, there are 10 inverted U racks on the north and south side of each station, with the exception of the south side of the 'Spring Hill' station . There were only 4 at that location. Its possible they plan to put in more. So current count looks like a max of 40 bikes at Greensboro and a max of 28 at Spring Hill.

North side of Spring Hill station
If anyone is interested, I also took some pictures of the sidewalks on either side of Route 7. Work is still on-going, but in general they are doing a decent job of widening the sidewalks on both sides. Unfortunately the sidewalks COMPLETELY stop as you walk east past the Greensboro Station. Any Silver Line rider that exits the Greensboro Station and needs to go east (to the other side of Rt 123) is out of luck. Despite the wide sidewalks the Rt 7 corridor is a VERY difficult place for pedestrians. Street crossings are poor, if present at all. But work is still underway, so hopefully some of these issues will be addressed.

Wider sidewalks along Route 7

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