Friday, July 13, 2018

Faces of Fairfax: Matt Crosby

Matt Crosby
When FABB saw Matt Crosby of Fairfax on Bike to Work Day, it was clear he was an experienced commuter. With rain gear and a bright neon green foldable bike, Matt looked ready to take on the world regardless of weather. Matt told us he likes to ride, in part, just for the joy of beating traffic.  When not commuting, Matt rides around Fairfax and into Arlington.  In response to our question about what changes he would make to improve bicycling in Fairfax County, Matt said more bike lanes would be a great start. 

It is always great to see experienced and confident cyclists who are ready to ride regardless of conditions. FABB appreciates Matt’s desire for more bike lanes. He recognizes that to make bicycling better and more available to a wider range of riders, safety is a key factor. When people think they can ride safely on dedicated bicycling infrastructure, they will do so. This is why FABB continues to advocate for more infrastructure, especially dedicated bike lanes, and is looking to build even greater popular support for the inclusion of bicycle infrastructure and education in Fairfax County’s future transportation plans.

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