Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Faces of Fairfax 2017

Since 2015 FABB has taken advantage of Bike to Work Day to collect photos and stories of local bicyclists. Our goal has been to personalize Fairfax County’s bicyclists for the larger public. Once again, over the next few weeks, FABB will be posting what we modestly call “Faces of Fairfax” to show the breadth, depth, and humanity of cyclists here in northern Virginia.

We encourage FABB members and other readers to share these profiles in social media as a reminder to our fellow citizens that, when it comes to our area’s bike commuters, recreational riders, and other bicyclists, we represent a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and interests. We are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and sons and daughters. And, when we ride with safety in mind and within the law, we deserve reciprocal care and consideration from others on the road and trails.

FABB welcomes its members to share their stories. If you would like to be featured in Faces of Fairfax, just send a photo with your name, where you live (city only), and a brief paragraph on why and where you ride, what you like most about bicycling, and what you would like to change to make bicycling easier and safer. We look forward to hearing from you.



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