Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bike Commuters Are More Energized and Punctual

Bike to Work Day Cyclist
Photo: Peter Klosky
A study done at McGill University shows bike commuters, at least in Montreal which has an excellent cycle track network, are more energized and punctual than users of other travel modes. 

Highlights of the study:
  • An individual’s commute has an impact on his or her energy at work.
  • Drivers have the lowest odds of feeling energized at work.
  • Bus riders have the highest odds of arriving late at work.
  • Waiting time for transit users influences their odds of being punctual.
  • Cyclists have the highest odds of being energized and punctual.
See the story in Next City, Montreal Cyclists Say a Bike Commute Is the Best Way to Go:
Add this to the list of reasons cities might consider designing for and promoting bicycle commuting: Compared to other travel modes, cyclists have the greatest odds of showing up to work or school energized and punctual. That’s according to data from a 2013 survey at McGill University, which researchers used to compare the punctuality and energy level at work of students, staff and faculty who commute by bus, car or bike.

They also found that drivers self-report feeling the least energized when arriving at the Montreal, Canada, university and are most likely to say their commute negatively impacts their punctuality and attendance. Transit riders are next most likely to feel drained and delayed by their commute, with walkers falling between cyclists and transit riders.

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