Thursday, December 29, 2016

Partnership for Active Transportation Recommendations for Trump Administration

Partnership for Active Transportation is a diverse coalition of active transportation and smart growth organizations "working together to create healthier places for healthier people by supporting increased public investment in walking and bicycling as essential modes of transportation." They have developed a list of active transportation recommendations for the Trump administration.

Among the recommendations are: Create a new position of Active Transportation Administrator and Appoint a White House Active Transportation Czar. The Trump Policies page does not contain a Transportation policy section. General comments about transportation are mentioned in the Infrastructure section but

From the recommendations:

Provide safe routes to everywhere for everyone by building trail and active transportation networks in communities of all sizes and types across America.

Effective policies will:

  • Connect people to important destinations—such as jobs, schools, transit, health care and parks—and opportunities for healthy physical activity.
  • Fuel economic development, attract tourists, reduce health-care costs and aim to eliminate tra c deaths, particularly among pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Concentrate on meeting the needs of people who do not drive, such as many low-income individuals, people living with disabilities, seniors and children.

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