Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cyclist Commuters: On Time and Feeling Good

Check out this CityLab article by Andrew Small on the results of a recently released  Canadian study that looked at multiple transportation options to determine what kind of commuters are more likely to feel energized and arrive on time. Needless to say, the virtues of bicycling commuting stand out. 

The study by McGill University’s Charis Loong, Dea van Lierop, and Ahmed El-Geneidy analyzed the commuting patterns of the students, staff, and faculty at the school located in downtown Montreal, surveying 5,599 people at the campus in 2013. The survey asked participants how they commuted to campus—walking, cycling, driving, or taking public transit—and paired those patterns with their responses of feeling energized and whether their commute negatively impacted their punctuality.

And the results: 
  • Active forms of transportation leave people feeling energized.

  • People-powered commutes tend to be more punctual.

The study found that multiple factors affected commuters’ punctuality and energy level, including the travel time, comfort, safety, consistency and reliability associated with the various transportation infrastructures. FABB continues to advocate for better infrastructure to improve the consistency, reliability, and safety of bicycling facilities to enable riders of all ages to bike in comfort and with confidence. 



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