Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Faces of Fairfax - Michelle Neyland

Michelle Neyland of Falls Church told FABB that she regularly commutes by bike to her job in DC.  Asked why she rides, Michelle answered that cycling was part of a healthy life style for her. Responding to a question about what she likes most about riding her bike, she said that she found it empowering. She added that biking also provides a meditative space for her to process the day.  

Of the things Fairfax County could do to make biking easier and safer, Michelle offered that she would like to see more snow clearing and de-icing of trails in winter. In addition, she thought that more needed to be done to improve safety at street crossings.  Finally, Michelle said that she would love to see more trails like the W&OD and Custis Trails. 

Although not something people are likely to think about in July, FABB has been a longstanding advocate for snow removal policies and ordnances in the county.  The heavy snows of the past two winters appear to have increased the profile of the issue with the Board of Supervisors. But more public support is needed to push the county and Virginia Department of Transportation to treat pedestrians and cyclists fairly when it comes to clearing snow from trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes. 

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