Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow/Ice Still Blocking Trails in Fair Lakes Area

We received this note and photo from Robert Walker about trails in the Fair Lakes area. Even with the rain and warmer temperatures, trails are still blocked with snow and ice:
Snow and ice on trails in
Fair Lakes area
One month after the blizzard let's see what the bike trails in Fair Lakes look like.

Yep, just like I thought they would.
Snow mountains as far as the eye can see down the trail.
Maybe they'll be clear by March.
Not holding my breath though.
VDOT motto: Cars first, pedestrians.....what are pedestrians?
If you have ideas about how the county and VDOT can do a better job of clearing snow and ice after storms, please send a note to Chairman Bulova: "Fairfax County residents with feedback or questions they would like addressed at the “snow summit” can email Chairman@fairfaxcounty.gov."

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It seems in this area the local snow removal scheme basically views trails, paths and sidewalks as the place to pile snow so it's out of the way of the cars. After all, that's what really matters, right?

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