Wednesday, January 27, 2016

W&OD Trail not very clear in Reston

Today we drove by sections of the W&OD Trail in Reston. At Old Reston Ave (first photo below), looking west, it looked like a snow plow or blower had made a pass up to Old Reston Ave. To me this looks like the tracks of a Reston Association plow. Maybe they were just using the W&OD Trail to get from Reston Parkway to Old Reston Ave.

Looking west at Old Reston Ave

As you can see below, to the east there were only footprints in the snow with a pile of snow at the trail entrance.

Looking east at Old Reston Ave

The next photo was taken at Newton Square looking west. Someone had cleared a narrow track on the short stretch of trail from Newton Square to the next service road (across from BAE).

Looking west at Newton Square

In the photo below, looking east, only one or two tracks of footprints were visible.

Looking east at Newton Square

At Wiehle Ave there was no sign of any plowing/blowing in either direction. The same was true at Sunrise Valley Dr. It's going to be a long time before the trail is passable in Reston. 

At Sunset Hills Road we saw several people walking in the road, which is very dangerous given that in several areas only one lane in each direction is clear, which was true for most four lane roads. Most intersections had mountains of snow blocking the trails and sidewalks. 

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Most current status of clearing ops for the trail is on their facebook page. They're working as quickly as they can, but it's a LOT of snow.
Any updates from Reston/Herndon West?

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