Monday, December 28, 2015

Cross County Trail (CCT) improvements in Accotink and Wakefield Parks

Figure 1. Map of the Accotink
 and Wakefield Cross County Trail
improvement projects
The Fairfax County Park Authority has been working on improvements to the Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail. Work was recently completed on a 1-mile long section through Accotink Park (green line on map) that includes a new bridge and pavement from just north of Accotink Lake to the Braddock Rd. underpass.

The Park Authority has also proposed trail improvements, including pavement for ~1.5 miles of the CCT through Wakefield Park (red line) that would create a paved surface trail from the new Accotink section at the Braddock Rd. underpass all the way to Accotink Pkwy on the north side of Wakefield Park. No time line is currently available on the Wakefield portion of the trail until the Park Authority can decide on adjustments to meet public concerns about the project that arose during a public meeting in October 2015.

The improvements to the CCT in Accotink Park include new culverts, paved trail, concrete sections where flooding occurs, and a new bridge just South of Braddock Rd. Work began in early October and the trail opened again to traffic by 14 December 2015. The following photos are of the newly completed section in Accotink Park.

Figure 1. The South end of the newly resurfaced
section of the Cross County Trail, just past the Northern tip of Accotink Lake.
Figure 2. Concrete section of CCT where frequent
flooding occurs along Accotink Creek just north of Accotink Lake.
Figure 3. Newly paved section of CCT as it approaches
the new bridge and the Braddock Rd. underpass.
Figure 3. Newly paved section of CCT as it approaches
the new bridge and the Braddock Rd. underpass.

Wakefield Park CCT Trail Improvements are Currently Stalled.

The Park Authority held a public meeting on 15 October 2015 where they received significant opposition to the proposed trail improvements at Wakefield Park. Opposition came from the mountain biking community and local residents with concerns about increased impervious surface area adding to storm runoff and stream impairment. Wakefield contains over 20 miles of natural surface biking trails, and the proposal is to pave only the main trail, with around 1.5 miles of trail through the park. 

Park Authority staff will reconvene early in 2016 to assess how to adjust the project to help address public concerns. The park had proposed the project, in part, in order to reduce the recurring maintenance costs of the natural and gravel surface of much of the CCT through Wakefield Park, as a paved trail has little annual maintenance cost. The project is to be funded partially by FCDOT, as the trail corridor is listed as a bicycle transportation corridor, and partially from funds from the 2012 County Bond Program. 

Questions or comments about the Wakefield CCT project can be directed to the project manager, Bill Boston at 703-324-2710 or

Guest blog post by Rob Delach
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