Monday, October 26, 2015

Responses to School Board Candidate Survey

In mid October FABB sent the 2015 FABB School Board Candidate Survey and cover letter to all Fairfax County School Board candidates. We asked that survey responses be returned to us by Oct. 23. As of today we have received 17 responses to the survey from a total of 24 candidates. Thanks to all candidates who took the time during a very busy campaign period to fill out the survey.

The purpose of the survey is to allow candidates to discuss their positions on a number of questions regarding school transportation issues with a special emphasis on biking and walking to school. Because of our nonprofit status we do not endorse candidates.

See the responses to the FABB School Board Candidates Survey. Questions that were asked of all candidates:

  1. Do you agree with the statement? "The school system and school board should be doing more to enable FCPS students to walk and bike to school instead of driving or being driven."

  2. Do you support the hiring of a full-time SRTS Coordinator position to help achieve this goal (current position is grant funded until Aug 2016)?

  3. Do you support a comprehensive traffic safety education program that ensures, at the appropriate age levels, all students learn how to safely walk, bike, drive and use transit for their daily travel needs? Currently only drivers education is taught. Note: In 2012, the School Board adopted the following policy: "The school system will ensure that programs of walking, bicycling and bus safety education shall be established and maintained for students in the elementary schools."

  4. Do you support a comprehensive transportation study of FCPS, akin to the school lunch and school start time studies, to understand FCPS' student transportation patterns, regional traffic impact, costs and other factors that drive decision making.

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