Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fairfax high and middle school students can ride Connector buses for free

Fairfax County is experimenting with allowing high school and middle school students to ride Fairfax Connector buses for free to get to and from school, to after school jobs, and other activities. The Fairfax Connector Student Pass Program (or the Student Free Fare Program, not sure which is the formal name) was initiated by the Board of Supervisors who wanted Fairfax DOT to explore ways to partner with the school system.

Students must apply for a pass that is valid on Fairfax Connector buses between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. M-F. In school outreach is being done at five target high schools. See a presentation on the Student Free Fare Program given to the Board of Supervisors.

Below is an informational video on the program. Glad to see one of the students with a bike that he placed on the bike rack. Racks are installed on all Connector buses.

I could find almost no online information on the program. The above presentation and the video are probably the best source for now.

Kudos to the county for initiating this program; maybe more students will learn that they don't need to drive or be chauffeured by their parents to get around the county.

I attended high school in England and soon learned how to navigate the public transportation system. Few of my fellow students used cars to get to school or on weekends. We made use of an excellent transit system and were very independent. This is a good step forward by the county.

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Madison HS has the permission form / card application on it's website.

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