Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New VDOT Hot Line report form

VDOT recently updated their Hot Line report form. It allows easier identification of a road or trail problem in an updated interface. We just used it to report a tree that is blocking the trail along Sunrise Valley Dr. That trail is part of the suggested detour for when the W&OD Trail will be closed on Sunday July 5.

A tree fell into the roadway. We assume that a VDOT crew was called to clear the road. What they neglected to do was cut the tree back far enough to also clear the trail. It's difficult to imagine how the workers could justify leaving the large tree blocking the trail. We're hoping it's cleared soon.

In our report we mentioned that it would be useful if the new form included options for reporting problems associated with bike lanes, trails and sidewalks, some of which are maintained by VDOT. This is the list of possible problems in the current form:
I need a road repaired
I need something removed from a road
I need signs or traffic devices repaired
I need new signs or traffic devices installed
I need information
I want to submit a claim
They could add "I need to report a road/trail/sidewalk repaired." and "I need something removed from a road/trail/sidewalk."

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