Monday, April 27, 2015

Air Quality Awareness Week April 27-May 3

From Clean Air Partners on Air Quality Awareness Week, ways to Reduce Your Contribution to Air Pollution:
  • You can protect the air and your health through simple actions like using transit, carpooling, telecommuting, refueling your car after dusk, or using electric instead of gas-powered lawn tools. Check out Clean Air Partners’ informational guides for more tips on how you can make a big difference.
  • Did you know that leaving your car at home just two days a week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 pounds per year? Check out the Clean Air Partners Guide to Keeping Your  Lungs Healthy
  • It’s even more important to be environmentally-friendly on poor air quality days. Sign up for AirAlerts to stay in the know about your air quality.

See also the new regional air quality infographic. Click on the image to see the full pdf:

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I know this question has nothing to do with this post, but I don't see a forum on this blog for questions like this:

Do you have any information about a recently paved multi-use trail project in the Centreville area?

I noticed last week that there is a freshly paved and painted multi-use trail parallel to I-66 (on its south side) beginning from Stringfellow Road going towards the I-66 interchange with Route 28. It looks like a mini W&OD trail. Any info is appreciated.

Thanks for your comment. We'll think about a good way for cyclists to ask this kind of question online. Another way to do so currently is to send a message to

Regarding the newly paved trail, it's known as the Bobann Drive Bikeway and was funded with federal transportation funds. It's located on an abandoned road that cyclists had been using but the old roadbed was in very poor condition. The county saw it as an opportunity to use existing right of way to provide good access for bicyclists to/from the Stringfellow park and ride on the other side of I-66 and other destinations along Stringfellow Road.

FABB has been advocating for a parallel trail along I-66 as part of that widening project. We learned recently that the new Bobann trail may be impacted by the widening.
Thanks for your prompt and informative reply.

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