Monday, March 30, 2015

Braddock Road corridor survey announced

Braddock Road Corridor
If you commute in the Braddock Road corridor, between Guinea Road and the Beltway, Fairfax County wants to hear from you. Fill the Braddock Road Corridor online survey to ask for better bike conditions and transit connections along this important roadway. It won't happen if you don't ask.

The corridor connects the relatively densely populated areas inside and outside the Beltway. It links the Cross County Trail on the eastern edge with George Mason University to the west.

As usual, bicycling is treated as an aside. The survey is part of the Braddock Road Multimodal Study which also has only a token mention of bicycling and seems to be "multimodal" in words only.

The main question on the survey about needed improvements in the corridor has a very limited scope:
7. What improvements do you feel are needed along the corridor? (Check all that apply)
__ No improvements are needed
__ Spot improvements at congestion points
__ One additional traffic lane per direction
Population around Braddock Corridor
Later in the survey questions about transit and biking and walking are added although the solutions for better bike access do not include bike lanes or separated cycletracks:
15. Do you bicycle in this area? (Check all that apply)
 __ For pleasure
 __ To commute
 __ For shopping
 __ I do not bicycle 

16. Which of the following would create conditions favorable for you to bicycle in this area? (Check one)
 __ Separated bike paths along Braddock Road
 __ More neighborhood bicycle connections
 __ More convenient access to work, shops, schools, etc
We suggest cyclists use the final question to ask for safer, more convenient bike access along the Braddock Road corridor 
What improvements would you like to see in this corridor?
From the Braddock Road Corridor survey page:
Fairfax County Department of Transportation is looking for input from commuters using the Braddock Road corridor between Guinea Road and I-495. We would like to hear how you utilize the corridor as part of your commute and what you view are the priorities in making improvements in this area. There are two ways you can submit your information:
Take the survey online.

Download the survey and mail to Fairfax County Department of Transportation/Braddock Road Survey, 4050 Legato Road, Suite 400, Fairfax, VA 22033. Paper copies can also be picked up from the Braddock District Office, 9002 Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA 22015.

The survey is part of the Braddock Road Multimodal Study that aims to develop and evaluate a number of improvements for the corridor. The study will also look at the potential development of a transit center in the vicinity of the Kings Park Shopping Center. For more information, you can also visit the Braddock Road Task Force online or contact the Fairfax County Department of Transportation at 703-877-5600, TTY 711.



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