Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vienna 2015 legislative agenda

The Town of Vienna recently published their 2015 legislative agenda. We were encouraged to see the following:
The Town of Vienna requests language to be added to specifically include "new sidewalk projects" as eligible for HB 2313 funding. An expanded sidewalk network provides transportation options and reduces motorized vehicle use and congestion.
The Town and Fairfax County are receiving considerable transportation funding based on HB 2313 and it's important that pedestrian and bicycle projects be eligible for that funding. Fairfax County has determined that most of their ped/bike projects do not qualify for those funds. We're pleased that Vienna thinks that sidewalk projects are a critical part of their transportation network. It's unfortunate that their request didn't include bike projects.

Also included in the legislative agenda is Vienna's support for "a change to the composition of the Commonwealth Transportation Board to have greater representation to the urban/dense suburban areas of the Commonwealth." The CTB plays a significant role in determining which VA projects receive funding and as Virginia's urban areas grow it's important that those areas are well-represented on the CTB.

Virginia Bicycling Federation is developing their legislative agenda but the information has not been made public. We assume it will include topics such as dooring, following too closely, and motorists stopping for bicyclists in a crosswalk. We hope their agenda is published soon.

The  Board of Supervisors included the crosswalk bill in Fairfax County's legislative agenda along with a statement regarding the need for multimodal transportation options in growing employment centers: "That transformation has already begun in Tysons, where significant improvements in transit access have been made, but additional resources are needed to ensure that pedestrian, bicycle, and transit modes thrive and roadway congestion is addressed."

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