Friday, August 15, 2014

Post article on riding to the Wiehle station

Lucinda Shannon works downtown and lives two miles from the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station. Like many Reston residents, she started bike commuting when the station opened. Kelley, of FABB and the Reston ped bike committee, volunteered to help her find a good bike route and gave her some moral support. See Lucinda's story in the Post article, Meet the Silver Liners! We tagged along with a few new riders to see how it's going.
As soon as Shannon realized her house was just two miles from the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station, she decided to become a bike commuter. She could pedal to the Metro, and then ride downtown to her job with Easter Seals. Her first step was obvious: Buy a bike.

But how would she lug her stuff? Or ride with traffic? Or figure out what to wear?

Enter Kelley Westenhoff, chair of Reston’s Pedestrian & Bicycling Advisory Committee. Her group developed 10 route maps for residents looking to get from their neighborhoods to the new station. Committee members even offered to create individualized plans, meet people at their homes and lead them on a commute.

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What are peoples thoughts regarding the Wiehle bike room and the potential for people to steal easily removed components. Not worried about the bike itself, but the lights, computer and other stuff that many of us add to the bike.

We have included security cameras throughout the room to try and prevent this as much as possible. If you have additional ideas on how to improve security in the room please let us know.

-Adam Lind FCDOT Bike/Pedestrian Planner

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