Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ashgrove Trail repairs completed

Ashgrove Trail looking toward
from Tysons
The Ashgrove Trail is a major entry point into Tysons near the Spring Hill Metro station. Fairfax County Park Authority recently completed major repairs to the trail and bridge. They also removed a barrier at one end and replaced it with bollards. The trail is now very smooth and in excellent condition. The only remaining work is installation of a guardrail along sections of the trail. Thanks to the Park Authority for maintaining this important trail connection and making the needed repairs.

Looking toward Tysons
The trail is the former roadbed of Ashgrove Lane. It connects the residential communities along Old Courthouse Road with Tysons. It is also an entry point from the W&OD Trail. There was an electronically controlled gate on the Tysons end of the road that was for the exclusive use of a couple living nearby based on a earlier agreement. The easement ended once that couple passed away.

We are not big fans of bollards but in this case something was needed to
Base of bollard that is
a hazard to trail users.
Located near Montmorency Dr.
prevent motorists from using the old roadbed. There is still a stub of a bollard on the trail from Montmorency Dr that needs to either be removed or repaired.


Ooh, I may have to try taking that way home tonight. Thanks for the update.
I rode through there this past weekend, and the broken bollard has been removed and the hole patched with asphalt.

I live in the community on the Tysons side, and the old fire gate was actually ours to maintain. Someone on our HOA board actually had the key that could close the gate again if it ever got opened. For us it is a good thing that it is gone - one less thing to maintain.

Yeah, I get the dislike of bollards. But I do see cars attempting to get from one side to the other. I don't know if it is old map books or broken GPS devices, but every so often we have someone coming over who tries to get through that way.


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