Monday, July 28, 2014

Lots of bikes at Wiehle station on Monday

Bikes parked in the
free bike parking outside the
Wiehle bike room
Today was the first weekday service for the Silver Line. At around 8 a.m. there were already a large number of bikes parked in the Wiehle station bike racks.

There was a bike parked in every rack at the free bike parking just outside the bike room. Each rack holds two bikes so there was still room for more bikes. I believe there are 16 racks in that space.

There were several bikes parked in the secure bike room although there was room for many more. The room can hold over 200 bikes, and the racks can be reconfigured to hold additional bikes by replacing the single inverted U racks with the vertical racks.

Bikes parked in the
Wiehle bike room
On the south side of the station there are 10 U racks and there was a bike parked at nearly every rack. Again, there was room for additional bikes. See photos on the right, all of which were taking this morning at around 8 a.m.

It looks like there is considerable demand for bike parking at the Wiehle station. For those who cannot find free parking, the bike room works out to costing around 25 cents/day if you use it on a daily basis ($60/year plus one-time $15 processing and fob fee). Eventually there will also be several bike racks installed on the plaza outside the station entrance.

The one comment I heard was from a woman who said that the bike room entry door was a little hard to hold open while walking a bike. An automated or auto-assist door would be much easier for cyclists entering the room.

WMATA is renting the bike lockers at the Wiehele and Tysons stations with the exceptions of those lockers on the north side of the Spring Hill station that are located on county property. This is the last message we heard from WMATA regarding rental of those lockers: "We are not ready to sign up bike locker patrons." Not sure what the problem is since the lockers are in place and seem ready to be used.

Congratulations to Fairfax County for having the foresight to work with the property developer, Comstock Partners, to build the bike room and
Racks on south side of Wiehle station
provide the additional free parking.

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