Thursday, May 15, 2014

Looks like a soggy Bike to Work Day

Reston 2005 BTWD
The weather forecast for tomorrow morning is not looking good. The rain is expected to clear up in the afternoon, but if you plan to join one of the many Bike to Work Day pit stops, be prepared for rain. What I've found is that even with a forecast of rain there are many periods when the rain has either stopped or is light.

There have been a couple of wet Bike to Work Days in the past. In both 2005 and 2008 it rained off and on throughout the morning. As I recall, the weather had mostly cleared by the afternoon. In 2008 274 of the 500 people who registered for the Reston pit stop showed up.

Supervisor Hudgins rode to a wet
2008 Reston BTWD
Most of us have good rain gear and a wet Bike to Work Day is a good time to test it out. Obviously if there is thunder and lightening everyone needs to decide whether they think it's safe to ride.  You also need to ride carefully as the roads and trails are more slippery and motorists might have a more difficult time seeing bike riders. Be safe.

Also check out Your last-minute guide to Bike to Work Day by Shane Farthing of WABA that appeared in the Washington Post today.



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