Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tour de Cul de Sacs and flowering trees

Along North Shore Dr in Reston
Today we took an afternoon ride to check out the local flowering trees. There are thousands of trees in bloom throughout the county and this is the perfect time to check them out. We decided to head to north Reston on the trails and neighborhood streets. Since we're replacing some shrubs in our front yard we also wanted to get some landscaping ideas.

In order to get to north Reston we rode a short distance on the W&OD Trail, then to Old Reston Ave and on to North Shore Drive. We then crossed Baron Cameron Dr and wandered through several neighborhoods. We used the very good Reston Map that shows all of their paved trails.

Most of the time we just wandered along neighborhood streets. We realized that we'd never traveled on many of the short cul de sac streets off of Wiehle Ave and Reston Parkway. Even in Reston, known for it's great trails, there are many cul de sacs with no connecting trails, so there's usually no reason to ride there unless you're on the Tour de Cul de Sacs. Many of the trees along those streets were in bloom.

It was a very pleasant ride, wandering at about 7 or 8 mph checking out yards and trees. That was when we decided to call it the "Tour de Cul de Sacs." It makes for an interesting route map.

Why not get out and take a casual tour of your neighborhood and discover places where you normally don't travel. It beats doing the same old routes that everyone else is using. Use the Fairfax Bike Route Map and smartphone app to find your way.

Reston Parkway
Water Pointe Lane
Business park south of Wiehle-Reston East Metro station

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