Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Save the world by cycling more

The recently released climate change report that warned governments that they need to do more to counteract the effects of global climate change, recommends that one solution is for people to bike more. One of the key recommendations discusses the need to shift to transportation modes that rely less on burning carbon:
For all economies, especially those with high rates of urban growth, investment in public transport systems and low‐carbon infrastructure can avoid lockin to carbon‐intensive modes. Prioritizing infrastructure for pedestrians and integrating non motorized and transit services can create economic and social co‐benefits in all regions.
I continue to be surprised at how lightly most people treat climate change. Will taking a few trips by bike make a big difference? Maybe not, but it will make a difference, and it is an example to the next generation that shows them we care about their future.

Hat tip to BikePortland for pointing out this article in their Monday roundup. Also in the roundup it was mentioned that Bike Delaware lobbied the state to remove "Share the Road" signs from their roads: "For many motorists, 'Share The Road' is often interpreted as a sign primarily directed at cyclists and meant something more like 'Bicyclists: don’t slow me down.' But we finally realized (after years of pointless yelling back and forth between cyclists and motorists, both yelling 'Share The Road' at each other!), that 'Share The Road not only doesn’t help, it actually contributes to conflict and confusion." They prefer "Bicycles May Use Full Lane" signs.

The roundup also mentioned the very interesting interactive graph depicting various transportation data, including the decline of vehicle miles traveled in recent years.

Finally, as a former golfer, I really like their link to the article on a new option at a Vail, Colorado golf course; renting a bicycle-powered golf carrier.

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I'm a FFX commuter cyclist who thinks climate change is largely overblown. But not using fossil fuels means more $$ in my pocket and a better workout. So I will save my bank account and heart, one ride at a time.
There are many reasons to bike and certainly saving money is a key reason. Unfortunately it seems that many people think climate change is overblown, but not climate scientists. The overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that unless carbon emissions are reduced we face a major crisis in the future.

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