Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fairfax Co Parkway trail repaving meeting recap

VDOT presentation on
Parkway trail repaving
VDOT had a full team of staff available to answer questions and discuss the Fairfax Co Parkway trail repaving project at the meeting on Tuesday. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase is from Route 7 to Route 29. That work is scheduled to begin in March and end in December. This is a major undertaking for VDOT on this trail that has been deteriorating over the years and needs major maintenance work in several sections. The project powerpoint presentation is available online.

The entire trail will not be repaved. Where large cracks have developed but the remainder of the trail is in good condition, the cracks will be sealed. Where the asphalt has deteriorated, those sections will be repaved. While the trail will be closed between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., those using the trail for commuting during regular business hours should be able to complete their trips before and after those times. Otherwise we've asked that where possible trail users be allowed to carefully bypass work in progress.

Sample of an info sign
at limits of project work
Small laminated signs will be posted on each end of the sections under construction providing information to users (image on left), including estimated dates for completion of the segment and a QR code for linking to the project website. Additionally, a reference map will be posted to allow cyclists to determine possible alternative routes, with a phone number for contacting on-site staff. We're hoping that the county bike map will be used as the basemap.

FABB has worked closely with VDOT on this project, helping identify where repairs are needed and discussing processes used during construction. The work will be a major benefit to cyclists who use this important north-south trail connection. Thanks to VDOT for funding the work and listening to our concerns. Their efforts are very much appreciated.

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