Friday, November 22, 2013

Last day to take Countywide Transportation Dialogue survey

Today is the last day to fill out the Countywide Dialogue on Transportation survey to vote on unfunded projects to help the county prioritize their projects list. We've selected a list of bike projects contained in the larger project category "Pedestrian/Bicycle."

Bike projects are relatively inexpensive compared to some of the very expensive road projects. The funding needed to build a first class connected bicycle network is comparable to just one of the major intersection or roadway widening projects.

We think that all bicycle projects should be integrated with the proposed transit, intersection, roadway widening, roadway extensions, and spot improvements. The bicycle facilities included in some of the major road projects may need to be extended to connect to an existing facility. That connection should be part of the project design.

During construction of the roadway projects, safe bicycle access needs to be provided throughout all phases of the project.

We are developing a FABB position on the projects and the process for selecting them that we will send to the Board of Supervisors and present at the public hearings.

See our earlier blog posts about this process.



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