Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wiehle-Reston East bike room photos

The bike room at the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail station is completed. The room will hold over 200 bicycle and contain two small repair stations. There will be an annual fee of $75 to use the room, which works out to around 25 to 30 cents/day vs. $4.75/day for car parking. The room is located in the parking garage on the north side of the station, not far from the W&OD Trail. There will also be unsecured parking just outside the bike room and bike racks scattered throughout the plaza in front of the station. On the south side there is parking for 20 bicycles.

Thanks to Maggie Parker of Comstock and photographer David Madison for these photos.

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I read that they are running a special if you sign up before March 31st. $75 / 2 yrs or $45 for one year.
What about short term parking by the day or by the hour?
Any word on when and where we can sign up for that deal, Tom? I'd rather do it sooner than later. And any word on the opening date yet, FABB?
An opening date for rail service has not been set. Once WMATA takes control of the station, some time in November, they will determine an opening date. I've heard March/April as a possible time period.

I've asked the county bike coordinator about a waiting list or sign up process but have not heard back. Once I hear I'll post it on the FABB blog.

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