Thursday, September 12, 2013

FABB bike counts at seven Fairfax locations

FABB volunteers were out counting bicyclists today at 7 locations around the county as part of the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project. We often say that based on our casual observations, we're seeing more cyclists in Fairfax, but we need some concrete data to prove that assertion.

Bike count volunteer
Count locations included:
  • W&OD Trail/Maple Ave
  • W&OD Trail/Gallows Rd
  • W&OD Trail/Fairfax Co Pkwy
  • Chain Bridge/Westmoreland St
  • George Mason Blvd/University Blvd
  • Sunrise Valley Dr/Soapstone Dr
  • Sunrise Valley Dr/South Lakes Dr
W&OD Trail counts - It's surprising that there are no automated counters on the W&OD Trail in Fairfax County. Arlington County has several. The trail is the most popular bicycle facility in the county and we'd like to show that usage is increasing.

Chain Bridge/Westmoreland Dr - Bike lanes were striped on Westmoreland a few years back and we want to track usage over the years.

George Mason Blvd/University Blvd - We'd like to know if bike use is increasing at Mason. They are a Bicycle Friendly University and have added bike lanes and good bike parking over the past several years. Students are currently in session. The spring count period recommended by the documentation project often doesn't work for Mason because students are usually on break. 

Sunrise Valley Dr - With the coming of Metrorail to Reston, we expect bicycle usage to increase. We want to get some counts before rail comes to see if there is an increase afterwards. We also want to count on Soapstone Dr because bike lanes were installed there a couple of years ago.

We hope to have some summary data together in a week or so.

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