Sunday, August 4, 2013

New bollards on W&OD trail at Maple Ave

Flexible bollard on W&OD Trail
at Maple Ave in Vienna
Flexible bollards have been placed in the middle of the W&OD Trail at Maple Ave. The bollards were placed there by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority which controls the park.

According to Park Manager Karl Mohle, they "have placed bollards here in the past; they are placed on the yellow line just before the sidewalk at the intersection. This is to counter the car problems we seem to be having lately with people driving onto the trail thinking they are entering the Whole Foods parking lot. At present there are no plans to install these bollards at any other location."

We're not big fans of bollards of any kind on trails. They can be a hazard to cyclists, especially at night. The bollard on the west side of Maple Ave doesn't appear to have much reflective material attached. The one on the east side may have two bands of reflective material. We'll check a little more closely next time we're there.

We'd prefer other measures such as signs or perhaps colored asphalt to distinguish the trail from the road. We haven't heard of any problems yet with the bollards. What do you think?

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I just returned from a ride that used both the Sugarland Run and Folly Lick Run stream parks. (I recommend riding on these for a nice cool break from the "regular" rides.)

Both of these trails have posts at the entrances to them, yet it's perfectly obvious with them that they're not places for cars to use -- moreso than the W&OD even. I think the posts, one of which was so overgrown with vegetation it would be easy to mistake for a big weed, are very dangerous.

The problem with the bollards at Maple is that so many people cross commuting, someone is going to get nudged into them...
I think they definitively should have reflective material on them for night time visibility.

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