Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chairman Bulova answers transportation questions

Chairman Bulova recently participated in an online chat to talk about transportation in Fairfax County. The chat preceded the Evolution of Transportation event that was held last night. More on that event in a future blog post.

Several people asked about bicycle access and trails and sidewalks. Here are Chairman Bulova's responses to two of the questions:
Scotty: When will we see dedicated bike infrastructure (lanes, markings, etc.) on Fairfax roads and when will sidewalks be expanded? I can't walk or run in Springfield and Burke without hitting dead ends that leave me on the shoulder of the road with overgrown vegetation.

Sharon Bulova: We are currently in the process of developing a bicycle master plan for Fairfax County. We completed Phase 1 of the Master Plan in 2011, and that area includes an approximate three mile radius surrounding Tysons Corner. Phase 2 will include the rest of the County. You can view details of the Master Plan here:

The County also works with VDOT on their annual paving plan and we are partnering with VDOT to paint markings to designate bike lanes. The Board has earmarked over 110 million dollars toward 300 high-priority bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects.

You can also use the interactive bicycle map found here:

For all our bike info, visit here:

Anonymous User: Any plans to do Capital Bikeshare? Montgomery County is getting into it and Arlington is already a partner. Thanks.

Sharon Bulova: Yes, we are interested in this program. Fairfax County applied for a grant which would have funded this in Reston. Unfortunately, we did not receive the grant. We will continue to pursue this.
Regarding the first answer, unfortunately the details about the countywide plan are not on the county website, at least not yet. Toole Design Group, the plan contractor, was hosting all of the countywide plan info. When their contract ended in July 2012, they turned over the info to Fairfax County and the data are still not posted on the county website. Also, we're trying to find out more about the $110,000,000 earmarked for bike and ped projects. This is a draft list of "Potential Improvement Projects" that was developed by the county and Toole Design Group during the countywide planning process but we haven't seen the final list nor have we heard that there is dedicated funding.

Regarding the second question, the county has applied for another grant to conduct a bikesharing feasibility study for the Reston area.

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