Monday, April 1, 2013

2012 bike crash data finalized

As we noted earlier, there were a total of 106 reportable bike crashes in 2012. The final table of crash locations was just posted on the Fairfax County 2012 Bike Crash page:
Fairfax County had 106 reportable crashes involving bicycles in 2012, which is approximately a 26% increase in bicycle crashes over 2011. Twelve crashes were a hit and run where a bicyclist was struck and the motorist fled the scene. None of these crashes involved the death of the bicyclist. In 43% of the crashes, the bicyclist was held at fault. [In 53% of the crashes, the motorist was held at fault. Comment added].

The leading cause of most crashes involving bicyclists was one party failing to yield the right of way. In 19 crashes (18%) the bicyclist was found to not have the right of way and in 30 crashes (28%) the driver was found to not have the right of way.
There were 12 hit and run number, was double that of 2011 in which there were six. Even though the crash site states that there were no fatalities last year, there was one bike crash fatality, on November 12 at Ashwood Place and Columbia Pike. We've pointed this out to the crash analyst.

We used a program called BatchGeo to geocode the data and produce a draft crash map but there are several suspect points so the map needs a lot of editing. We're hoping Fairfax Police will produce a map using their GIS system.

Here is a link to the 2010 Fairfax Bike Crash Map.


1. Personal takeaways

Dont ride on wrong side of road. Dont ride distracted, and be careful about yielding right of way. Avoid notorious traffic sewers.

2. Policy takeaways - Improvements by drivers and cyclists are both needed. Most cyclist faults are NOT failure to observe signs signals. Both cyclists and drivers receive citations.


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