Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fairfax Co Parkway trail still unpaved

FFX Co Parkway Trail
looking south from Route 50
We heard recently that the section of Fairfax County Parkway Trail that had been closed for many months, between Route 50 and Monument Dr, was finally paved. Our source had only driven by the trail so we decided to ride there today to check it out. We also wanted to take our recumbent tandem for a spin since we haven't used it in a while.

We've written about this section of trail too many times. When we last wrote about it, nearly a month ago, VDOT had just opened it for use. It wasn't paved but at least it was open. It appeared that it would be paved any day. Well, almost no progress has been made. A long section of the trail is still unpaved.

Parkway Trail at Route 50
As you can see from the first photo, there's construction debris blowing across the trail and just beyond that is a wide eroded area. Just north of here (left photo) the trail is a mess, with trash scattered about and construction fences still up. Construction is still ongoing so we'll be pleased once the project is finally completed.

Closer to Monument Dr the trail has been paved. It's a nice, wide surface that extends down to Monument Dr.

It's unfortunate that it has taken so long to finish this trail segment. The road has been paved and open to traffic since November 2012.

Paved an unpaved sections
of the trail
We've scheduled a meeting with VDOT's Assistant District Administrator on April 9 April 10 to discuss the trail closure and how to keep it from happening on this and other trails in the future.

After checking out the trail we rode to lunch, stopped by REI to drop off some FABB rack cards, then tried to leave two used smoke alarms at the county landfill. It might have been the first time the folks at the landfill had seen customers on a recumbent tandem. They said not to worry, that we should just put the smoke alarms, that have radioactive sensors, in the trash.

Bikes parked in rack
in front of REI Fairfax Corner
It turned out to be a nice day. Unlike on the W&OD Trail, we encountered few cyclists. Running errands by bike is an easy way to get some exercise, discover new bike routes in the county, and save on gas.

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