Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bicycle access to Dunn Loring Metro station

Ponded water on Dunn Loring Metro station sidewalk
A major mixed use development is under construction at the Dunn Loring Metro station site. The surface parking lot is being replaced with residential high rise buildings, retail space, and structured parking for Metro customers, residents and retail customers.

Bicycle access to the site from the north is via the bike lanes on Gallows Road that turn into a multi-use trail on the west side, or by using Gallows Road itself. Unfortunately the trail on the south side of the I-66 bridge was recently replaced by two narrow sidewalks that split. One leads to the bus stop and the other leads to the station entrance.

The photo on the right, looking north toward the Gallows Road bridge over I-66, shows the split in the trial. It also shows ponding of water that metro customers must to wade through after a heavy rain.

When we first visited the site we made the mistake of trying to ride from one sidewalk to the next. There's a lip on the sidewalk edges that caught my front wheel and I took a slow-speed tumble.

We've reported these conditions to the folks at WMATA who were very responsive. They said this is a temporary situation, that eventually there will be a wide sidewalk replacing the two narrow sidewalks. They also said that a clogged drain has been fixed so that water no longer ponds here. We're planning to meet next week with WMATA staff and the developer to see what can be done about the narrow sidewalks. I'll likely suggest that the triangular section between the sidewalks be filled with concrete to create a wide sidewalk.

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