Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wolf Trap bike train

Bridge over Dulles Toll Rd at Wolf Trap
We went to see Wilco at Wolf Trap on Tuesday. We live in Reston near South Lakes Village Center and it's only 6 miles to Wolf Trap. Here's a map of the route, which uses the W&OD Trial, Clarks Crossing Road, a short stretch of Beulah Road where new Bicycles May Use Full Lane signs were recently installed, Trap Road, the trail along Trap Road in front of the Barns at Wolf Trap, and the great new bridge over the Toll Road to the park.

In searching our blog I see that the last time I rode to Wolf Trap was to see Wilco in 2009. Unfortunately the same crummy rack that I complained about then is still in place. It really is time for Wolf Trap to provide some decent bike parking for patrons, especially now that there's a great bridge that allows cyclists to easily ride to events. We'll send them a nice note requesting a few U racks.

The same crummy rack that's been there
for many years. Time for an upgrade.
Anyway, as I was leaving I happened across Robert from the bike shop where be both work, and two other cyclists who were headed to the W&OD Trail. We decided to form a bike train and ride to the trail. I can tell you how much nicer it is to leave the Wolf Trap gates, walk a few steps to our bikes, and ride past all the frustrated motorists waiting to exit the park.

It took about 35 minutes to get home, probably less time than it would take to walk to our car, wait to exit, and drive home. An added plus was following a fox on the W&OD Trail for about 50 yards. It was a very pleasant ride home. You should try it next time you visit Wolf Trap.


i also live near South Lakes. I will bike next time to Wolf Trap. Love the idea. A little worried about doing it at 11pm, though.
You'll need good lights and lots of reflective gear. Most of the route is on the W&OD Trail which technically is closed after dark but many people ride after dark. The stretch along Trap Road and Beulah Road is the worst because of all the concert traffic, and I can imagine some of the drivers have had a drink or two, so you need to be careful there. If other concertgoers are riding back to the trail you could hitch up with them and form your own bike train. Good luck.
Thanks for the recap of using the bridge, Bruce. Glad you got those "bikes may use full lane" signs installed on Beulah Road to make it easier for cyclists to reach Clarks Crossing and the W&OD.

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