Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scofflaw motorists whine about getting caught

D.C. drivers hurt by tough interpretation of Va. offenses is the title of an article in Today's Post about motorists who are ticketed for going over 80 mph in VA who then have their licenses revoked in the District. Sounds fair to me, and yet these motorists who drive recklessly and get caught end up with a story in the Post that is sympathetic to their plight.

I guess I'm just really tired of hearing about so called scofflaw cyclists whenever bicycling is mentioned in the press, and yet most motorists break the law every time they drive by speeding (try going the speed limit the next time you drive and see how many cars pass; my guess is most of them), turning right on red without stopping, and rolling through stop signs. Fairfax spends thousands of dollars to "reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use." The program is called traffic calming, but I think a more appropriate term is the Scofflaw Motorist program.

One of the motorists caught speeding over 80mph who now can't drive for 6 months says that he's getting around by bike. He's finding out the hard way that it is possible to live without a car.

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