Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SuperNoVa transportation study comment period ends June 8

According to the SuperNoVa website, "the Commonwealth of Virginia has embarked on an ambitious effort to develop a Transit and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) vision for the Super NoVa region. This vision will lay out the strategy for improving mobility for the region in the short-, mid-, and long-term through a combination of transit and TDM enhancements.

"The Super NoVa region for this study is defined as Northern Virginia as well as an area extending to Caroline County on the south, Culpeper County on the west, and Frederick County to the northwest."

Integration of bicycling and transit allows many trips to transit centers to be taken by bike. Secure, covered bike parking at transit centers is needed. Bike racks on buses and bike storage on light rail facilitate combining bikes and transit.

Given the large size of the region, and the long commuting distances of many residents, bicycling may not be a realistic option for long trips where transit is not available. However, most trips taken in the region are relatively short: trips to school, to the local park&ride lot or transit center, running errands on the weekend, shuttling kids to ball games. Many of these trips could be taken by bike.

The comment period for this phase of the SuperNoVa study ends on June 8. The best way to comment is to fill out the SuperNoVa survey. Please consider taking a few minutes to answer the brief survey and let the study team know about the needs of bicyclists.

Among the options listed for improving transit service is "Improve sidewalks/bikeways." We added under Other: "Provide incentives for bicyclists."

For question 7. What are your top 3 priorities for transit service and facility and/or TDM program improvements in the region in the future? we listed the following:

1. Improved integration of bicycling and transit
2. Covered, secure bicycle parking at transit centers
3. Incentives for bicyclists who commute/travel by bike

Finally, for question 9. Is there any other information you think is important for the study team to have as they develop the Super NoVa Transit/TDM Vision Plan? our response was:

"Bicycling is a realistic option for many short trips, including trips to transit centers. It requires safe bicycle access to stations/centers and secure, covered bike parking. Promotions and incentives help raise awareness of these options and encourages more people to consider bicycling."

See a presentation from an earlier meeting.

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