Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bicyclists, motorists need to share road

David Alpert of Greater Greater Washington teamed up with Dr. Gridlock, Robert Thompson, provide roadway users with some tips in today's Post article Bicyclists, motorists need to share road. David has these tips for motorists:
  • Cyclists might be on the left side of the road (when turning left on a one way street)
  • Riding outside a bike lane is often okay.
  • If turning right across a bike lane, move into the bike lane first.
  • Bicycles are faster than you might think.
  • Don’t honk
and Robert has the same for bicyclists:
  • Be obvious, be predictable.
  • Think like a driver.
  • Wait for right-turning drivers.
  • Obey traffic laws.
  • Respect pedestrians.
Don't honk is real high on my list for motorists. If you want to get a negative reaction from a cyclist, honk. As David says, a honked horn is very loud to a bicyclist. We're not encased in a metal and glass enclosure and we're usually startled when someone honks. In my experience, 99.9% of the time a motorist honks it's because the motorist doesn't understand the rules of the road.

Embeded in the article is a good video on dooring from ddot. Notice how far an open door can extend into a bike lane.

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